Why is Facebook so addicting?

| Posted in , | Posted on Monday, November 17, 2008

More and more people seem to become addicted to Social Media networks, specially facebook. What is it that makes us stare at those blue profiles on facebook so much?, is it a spell?.

Facebook has a great user experience overall compared to the other Social Media hubs, for example hi5 is full of crappy apps, overformatted user profiles that scream out at you and a bunch of kids just looking for attention. One of the features I like most about facebook is that you can't change your profile layout & colors, some people find this annoying but it keeps things really slick.

So you go ahead and tell us, why is facebook so addictive for you? leave us a comment....

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Comments (2)

I love seeing what everyone is up to and talk to people that I have moved away from!

simple and fast effective, loading pages don't consume a lot of data...unlike hi5, bebo, tagged etc etc...

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