Facebook Demographic Statistics

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Here is a cool Facebook Demographic Statistics App where you can see and compare stats for facebook users in different countries....

link: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-demographic-statistics/

Update Twitter Status on Facebook

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twitter facebook app

Tired of updating your status on different sites!, at least we can link our twitter status with our facebook status with the help of the official twitter facebook app.

This way when we update our twitter status it gets automatically updated on facebook.

First you need to install the twitter app, after that the setup process is pretty straight forward.


Unblock facebook at Home

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Unblocking facebook at your House is basically the same as Unblocking facebook at work. All you need to do is find a good proxy and use it.

Just do a simple search on Google for "proxy" and you'll get hundreds...

For example:


Facebook TouchGraph Photos

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Facebook TouchGraph Photos

You've seen those weird looking pictures with everyone connected via some lines on facebook, they are called TouchGraph Photos. And best of all they are easy to make, first login to your facebook account. After that you need to add the TouchGraph application, the easies way to do this is to search for it on the search bar, once you've arrived at the page just click on "Go To Application".

After that you'll be taken the Java App where you'll be able to select how many friends to include, who to tag, basic layout options, and more....

Finally after you've saved the picture it will tell you to go to your facebook profile and look for the album, where you'll have to approve the picture before it shows up.

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