How to Change your Facebook Password

| Posted in , , | Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Easy enough...

  • Log on to your facebook account.
  • On the top menu select Settings and click on "Account Settings"
  • Look where it says password and click on "change"

That's all

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Comments (16)

thnks alot dat really helped cause someone knew ma password and did alot of changes dere
so i was getting pissed off with dat and thought of changing it.
and as i've done that now she can't dooooooo anything oh yeah!


thanx a lot...i needed ur immediate hlp as sme1 knew my passwrd...thanq so mch....

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Hi, Some one from facebook refereed your link i have book marked it nice blogs you write see Free  how to grow twitter followers here

Thanks for this post. I liked this. I have added your link at my blog Dipendra


I have a business page on facebook. I need to change the password of the business page in order for the other admins to add new admins but I dont get the option of account setting on the top right corner.

Any suggestions?

I loved it sum1 else knew me password and was busy showing off

not able to change my password with your algorithm...:(
can any one help

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Lee Shin

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