Delete your Facebook Account History

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If your facebook addiction has grown to a point where you can't control it and you'd like to quit for good then you should consider closing your facebook account. This is a multi-step process. If you just go and deactivate your account it will deactivate it but it will leave all of your information in place, it just won't show it. So if you decide in the future to reactivate it, then you have everything intact.

If you really wan't to quit facebook and remove all of your personal info from facebook then you should follow these steps:

  1. Remove every friend
  2. Leave any groups that you either started or joined
  3. Leave all networks
  4. Delete all of your photos and photo albums
  5. Delete every single message from your wall
  6. Erase every comment you've ever made
  7. Delete all of your messages and notifications
  8. Erase all of the info from your profile
  9. Remove any apps that you've added
  10. Deactivate the account

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OK, the question is, how do you search through your history?

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