10 Signs You’re Addicted To Facebook

| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10. You feel popular when someone "tags" you in a photo (it shows others that you do actually get out).
9. The mini-feed was a hot topic of discussion for a while among your friends.
8. You think "poking" is a valid form of flirting.
7. You have Facebook "friends" that you've never met in person.
6. As soon as you meet someone in real life, you go home to search for them on Facebook.
5. You feel cheated now that everyone can join.
4. You have pressured someone to join just so you can "friend" them.
3. You think your image is controlled by your profile picture.
2. You've created a group and evangelized everyone to join.
1. You think that wishing someone "happy birthday" on their wall is sufficient.

And as a bonus...

0. You want to be the first Facebook dating "success story."

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